Definition of gnatcatcher in US English:



  • A tiny gray-backed New World songbird, with a long tail that is often cocked.

    Genus Polioptila, family Polioptilidae (or Sylviidae): several species

    • ‘Hence, the quail and the gnatcatcher might both be relatively recent arrivals in the north.’
    • ‘Titmice, chickadees, gnatcatchers, grackles, and swifts came and went.’
    • ‘The nameless gnatcatcher is a highly endangered bird, whose total population he estimates at between 50 and 80 pairs.’
    • ‘A rainbow of darts shoots through the limbs - a capeful of purple finch, three blue-gray gnatcatchers, a pair of cedar waxwings, and countless ruby-crowned kinglets.’
    • ‘Once the exotic plants are removed, the land will be restored to coastal sage scrub for gnatcatchers and other native species.’