Definition of glycolic acid in US English:

glycolic acid


  • A colorless, translucent, crystalline compound, C₂H₄O₃, that occurs in cane sugar, unripe grapes, and sugar beets and has numerous industrial uses, especially in dyeing leather and textiles and in the manufacture of pesticides.

    • ‘If the pits are superficial local agents like glycolic acids may help.’
    • ‘In its natural state, glycolic acid is found in sugar cane juice.’
    • ‘Physical scrubs contain crushed particles of ingredients like cornmeal and nuts while chemical products use mild exfoliants like glucosamine and glycolic acid to get rid of dead skin cells.’
    • ‘His talk, although I wasn't totally paying attention the whole time (I was reading about a method of applying salicylic and glycolic acids that I didn't know about before), was interesting, thought-provoking and dead on.’
    • ‘That's because glycolic acid helps to slough off dulling dead cells, which can contribute to clogged pores, from the outermost layer of the skin.’


glycolic acid

/ɡlīˌkälik ˈasid/