Definition of glycobiology in English:



  • 1The scientific study of carbohydrates and their role in biology.

    • ‘He also confirmed what he said in his deposition in the US proceedings, namely that ‘any person of ordinary skill in the art of glycobiology in 1984 would understand [the information in the deleted matter] to be grossly inaccurate’.’
    • ‘To Dwek, who coined the term glycobiology more than a decade ago, the increasing scientific and medical interest in the field is welcome.’
    • ‘Reflecting the desire of the scientific community to push glycobiology forward, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences last fall committed $34 million over 5 years to certain areas of carbohydrate research.’
    • ‘‘This is the first time that a glycoprotein has been shown to behave like an antibiotic,’ says Dr. Minoru Fukuda, who has devoted 20 years of his research career to the study of glycobiology and cancer.’
    • ‘The institution is engaged in the research of reproductive and reception biochemistry, protein and bioorganic chemistry, glycobiology, gene regulation, structural biology, and molecular biophysics.’
    • ‘From its early days of analysing glycoproteins, Oxford GlycoSciences has matured into a respected drug discovery and development company using its expertise in proteomics, glycobiology and glycochemistry.’
    1. 1.1 Glycobiology limited to the study of sugars.
      • ‘As erythropoietin and heparin attest, the study of sugars, a field known as glycobiology, can be big business.’