Definition of glutinousness in US English:



  • See glutinous

    • ‘The Chinese themselves tend to use tapioca when glutinousness is required, and arrowroot or sometimes cornflour when it is not.’
    • ‘I think I was as proud of that little cup of glutinousness as ever a puppy was of the mess on the carpet.’
    • ‘The clean rice containing a glutinous rice ingredient can provide a glutinousness for a desirable flavor of rice without being mixed with separate glutinous rice in cooking the rice.’
    • ‘On one hand the film shines, on the other it goes too far in its portrayal and ultimately comes off too sodden in sugary glutinousness for my likings.’
    • ‘Tasting this kind of rice once makes you keep the fragrance and glutinousness in mind forever, typically when tasted together with pork pies and delicious fish sauce.’