Definition of glug in English:



  • with object and adverbial of direction Drink or pour (liquid) with a hollow gurgling sound.

    ‘he glugs down half his beer’
    • ‘‘It's supposed to be strawberry milkshake,’ he explains, before glugging a hefty shot and offering up a plate of shortbread.’
    • ‘There has been much talk of a revival of This Life, a one-off film where we would discover what has become of the characters since they last threw a riotous flat party and glugged a vat of wine.’
    • ‘When one of my friend's divorce was finalised she invited the girls around and held a match to a photograph of her ex; everyone whooped and glugged their wine as he went up in smoke.’
    • ‘But the waiter just glugged some extra wine into the glass, to little effect.’
    • ‘Though now I've glugged a Xanax I'm feeling kinda mellow…’
    • ‘I went down the stairs with great care, found the bottle, glugged some into a cup.’
    • ‘‘I advise people to pay attention to their own thirst, rather than trying to glug back eight glasses of water a day,’ she says.’
    • ‘It is customary to serve whisky throughout a Burns Supper, for example (though often with dire consequences, since the same brand is often glugged down with everything from soup and haggis to cheese and pudding).’
    • ‘They're too busy glugging pints to care what color, nationality or ethnicity their next door neighbor is.’
    • ‘Soon, it was time for more games - the guys from both teams had to glug Pepsi, bottoms up.’
    • ‘But it was not only in Britain that people were glugging the stuff.’
    • ‘He dusted off his hands and grabbed the sake that Lace had taken from the back and glugged a bit of it down.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, rehydration of the dermis is not about glugging litres of mineral water.’
    • ‘He kicked it over and it glugged the contents out onto the floor.’
    • ‘Surely we need to slow down and glug some of that southern hemisphere comfort.’
    • ‘This exchange was repeated several times till I poured neat gin into a tumbler and she glugged it happily.’
    • ‘In the filled foyer, free Oyster Boy oysters were glugged, amuse bouches were bouched and goodies were raffled off in a silent auction to raise funds for the Fringe.’
    • ‘Someone had sent a fourth over to me and I was glugging it greedily to forget about the shooting.’
    • ‘By the time we got there I was completely plastered, but in an attempt to maintain the spirit of my recent life, I continued drinking, pausing only to glug some water when I thought I might vomit.’
    • ‘So we can glug Southern Comfort until our stomachs are pumped but we might need a prohibition on cod liver oil as we can't be trusted not to go wild on the stuff.’
    drink, swallow, gulp, gulp down, guzzle, slurp, attack, down, drink down, drink up, force down, get down, finish off, polish off, drain, empty, imbibe, have, take, partake of, ingest, consume, sup, sip, lap
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  • 1A hollow gurgling sound or series of sounds as of liquid being poured from a bottle.

    • ‘Instead of a glug or a gurgle that would normally be heard, there was kind of a… plop.’
    • ‘As soon as he put the cup to his lips he raised his hands to it and drank it down; glug, glug, glug.’
    • ‘I love the glug glug as the first few drops enter the glass.’
    • ‘Fine then, she thought, and she picked up the bottle and broke off the neck, then tipped the golden liquid out into the sink and heard the quick glug, glug of it flowing away.’
    • ‘‘It doesn't have the glug, where product comes out, air goes back in and more product comes out again, usually resulting in the glass getting knocked over,’ says Hansen.’
    • ‘She's a trouper, though, and is happy to do the interview between glugs. ‘This is a very good environment to be creative in,’ she says.’
    • ‘Turn the full bottle over the pot, and when you hear the first glug, stop pouring.’
    • ‘Later, tucked up in our tents, we are lulled by the feint glug and gurgle of the Katherine River.’
    • ‘The sound of a pop top opening was quickly followed by a few glugs as she took a long drink, followed by another.’
    1. 1.1 An amount of liquid poured from a bottle.
      ‘a couple of good glugs of Dubonnet’
      • ‘Roughly chop onions, carrots and garlic, sweat them in a large pot in a decent glug of olive oil until they soften and start to brown.’
      • ‘Your first oyster can come as rather a shock as this raw pulsating mollusc slithers down your throat - in my case it was closely followed by a good glug of wine and a fistful of bread to help it on its way.’
      • ‘Onions are fried in a good glug of best olive oil, then the potatoes are added and the beaten eggs poured in.’
      • ‘Nigel promised crisp bacon and breadcrumbs would work brilliantly with long strings of pasta, with a final few glugs of oil (olive, not motor) being lubricant enough.’
      • ‘We figured someone had tried to produce an extra virgin olive oil version, as it had an unpleasant green tinge; it also lacked a generous glug of milk, or, better still, buttermilk, to give it a creamy edge.’
      • ‘The last shot was completed, we all cheered, had a glug of champagne and then drove into Londinium's West End where we danced, drank and sang karaoke until 1.30 am.’
      • ‘‘Oh, I agree with you,’ said Narcoleptic Dave, taking a glug of Stella from his glass.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, in a large pan, melt butter and a glug of olive oil.’
      • ‘In the absence of a tin of WD40, a glug of Cretan extra virgin olive oil is the perfect solution to a squeaky room door.’
      • ‘Pour a good glug of olive oil over each smashed potato, chop the rosemary spikes finely and crumble them over the potatoes.’
      • ‘Mix again, and loosen it with several glugs of pasta water, added gradually.’
      • ‘Thus, two sweet pink chops from a rack of lamb, all yielding and fleshy with a flavour that's gone in a glug of wine, sit with a dark truncheon of slow-cooked neck, wintry and brown, whose flavour lingers, contextualising the chops.’
      • ‘I poured in a large glug of sherry and cooked further until the alcohol had evaporated.’
      • ‘Do about 45 seconds on each side, adding a glug of Marsala before and after you flip them.’
      • ‘Or, take the first one, omit the Root Beer, add some of that Dr. K (I think that's what it's called) and a couple glugs of Red Cream Soda.’
      • ‘Alternatively put in a good glug of oil and whisk.’
      • ‘And his viewers could do with a glug or two as well.’
      • ‘Simply fry off a diced onion in butter until soft, add some chopped red cabbage, some vegetable stock and a glug of brandy.’
      • ‘At 5.5 miles, as we lapped my car for the 2nd time, we had stopped, divested ourselves of some more clothes and had a good glug of water.’
      • ‘‘I didn't hear that,’ said Brian, taking a glug of his wine.’
      alcoholic drink, strong drink, drink, liquor, intoxicant
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Late 17th century: imitative.