Definition of glower in US English:



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  • Have an angry or sullen look on one's face; scowl.

    ‘she glowered at him suspiciously’
    • ‘Her brow furrowed and her scorning frown deepened as she glowered at him angrily.’
    • ‘I called to the glowering teenager sitting on our front steps.’
    • ‘Once she had successfully entered and gone inside the hotel, Auntie Kim glowered at the trio.’
    • ‘The medic glowered at her for a moment and then glared back at Renny, but he relaxed his arm and finally looked away.’
    • ‘Every time he was given out he gesticulated, frowned, glowered and stared at the umpires.’
    • ‘He glowered at her, not liking the change in their ritual.’
    • ‘Two men down the bar frowned as Grace took her first drink, and she glowered at them until they left the bar for a table on the far side of the room.’
    • ‘He had the face of a fighter, with a crooked nose and glowering blue eyes and a jaw that jutted whenever the situation demanded.’
    • ‘I glowered when the new match began and I was immediately put on the defensive.’
    • ‘I expected him to smile in response but he glowered at me.’
    • ‘Caroline glowered at the man before returning her attention to the two men.’
    • ‘Looking somewhat hurt, she flashed him a glowering gaze and shot off down the hall, almost to her bedroom door when the phone rang.’
    • ‘Her father glowered down at her a moment before shifting his hard stare to Robert.’
    • ‘She strode up, sweat from her face and arms dripping as she glowered at us, a looter and a western journalist.’
    • ‘I glowered at him with angry tears of frustration shining in my eyes before I dropped my gaze and crossed my arms again.’
    • ‘Unfortunately her mother saw me staring, and justifiably glowered at me.’
    • ‘The manager glowered at us and stalked off back to his office. The sacked bloke was reinstated and all six of us passed.’
    • ‘Beside me Mac stared at the two glowering figures in confusion.’
    • ‘He threw the paper down on his desk and glowered at me accusingly: Well?’
    • ‘There was a pause as they glowered at each other, then Ellie shook her head.’
    scowl, glare, stare angrily, look daggers, frown, lour, give a someone black look, pull a face
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  • An angry or sullen look.

    • ‘So I was relieved to be welcomed only with a glower, a few quickfire questions, and the request for evidence that I was from the press.’
    • ‘Timothy slowly turned a frightening glower on his partner.’
    • ‘Deirdre's eyes were set in a determined glower, David's teeth gritted in effort.’
    • ‘The woman in the robes smiled at him blankly, while the couple only greeted him with a somber glower.’
    • ‘After her brief moment of shy nervousness, she began to feel a sharp indignation flaring up, and she shot a glower up at him.’
    • ‘The teacher pierced him with a glower, so he stuck his hands behind his back again and strolled away from the students, developing a sudden interest in the back of the room.’
    • ‘It was an intemperate outburst, but even as he stamped out of the room with a dark glower, his inquisitors were breaking into smiles.’
    • ‘A faint smirk pulls at the corners of Alonzo's pale lips, but noticing it, he immediately replaces the smirk with yet another angry glower.’
    • ‘I sat back on my haunches, breathing heavily, and casting what I could only imagine to be the fiercest glower of animosity I'd ever bestowed upon another human being.’
    • ‘I kicked at it and peered up into the branches, meeting her glowing eyes with a glower.’
    • ‘When she got to the car, she smiled a good morning at Neil and gave Clayton a glower.’
    • ‘He glanced up, meeting the glower of the soldier standing before him, then looked down at his feet, scuffing the dust on the paved road absently with the toe of one of his boots.’
    • ‘I stared at him, tried to give him a hateful glower, but turned the page back anyway.’
    • ‘Dimitri shot him a scathing glower, though it gained him nothing.’
    • ‘He turned away from her, hiding the glower on his face.’
    • ‘‘We're probably not even going to right way,’ she told him and he gave her a glower.’
    • ‘Aaron tensed up when Giovanni gave him an almighty glower.’
    • ‘My glower became a frown, and I folded my arms, leaning back against the couch.’
    • ‘I stopped and stared at him with a feline glower.’
    • ‘She had what could only be described as a glower on her face.’
    scowl, glare, angry stare, frown, black look
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Late 15th century: perhaps a Scots variant of synonymous dialect glore, or from obsolete glow ‘to stare’, both possibly of Scandinavian origin.