Definition of glove box in US English:

glove box

(also glovebox)


  • 1

    another term for glove compartment
    • ‘And a CD player was removed from the dashboard and DVD disk taken from the glovebox.’
    • ‘I shrugged resignedly and put the map back in the glovebox.’
    • ‘Even though it has a driver's airbag, the new model still has two gloveboxes, one on top and one underneath.’
    • ‘As well as a big glovebox, there are three separate storage spaces at the bottom of the dashboard.’
    • ‘There are also plenty of stowage compartments, including glovebox, oddments tray and door pockets, and a really useful overhead shelf which can carry books and magazines, food and drinks.’
    • ‘The company has produced a glovebox guide to driving in Europe.’
    • ‘I'm told they're small enough to fit in a glovebox nowadays.’
    • ‘I'm going carry the new one around with me and keep the other phone in the car glovebox.’
    • ‘To have a phone in the car glovebox in case of breakdown or accident, but at the same time taking steps to deny an outsider in distress in your area the same amenity, is pure hypocrisy.’
    • ‘At about 4.30 am on June 18 a nice man decided to break into our car causing damage of £150 to the lock and stealing some items from the glovebox.’
    • ‘It costs £46.95 (plus the price of about 1 ½ hours' fitting time) and consists of an input socket fitted inside the glovebox and a simple connecting lead.’
    • ‘Look, I've got a copy of the session times in the glovebox, we'll just go to a later session and get you some dinner first.’
    • ‘Storage is plentiful, with a variety of bins and a large glovebox in the interior.’
    • ‘There are also door bins, pockets and a roomy glovebox.’
    • ‘Most of the materials used are of good quality, with weaker elements only revealed when you look inside the glovebox or feel underneath the obligingly supportive seats.’
    • ‘She reached into the glovebox and grabbed her eyeliner, mascara, and eye-shadow: all black.’
    • ‘There are 10 cupholders, room for four water bottles in the doors, a second glovebox suitable for phones, PDAs and the like, not to mention extra storage under the armrests.’
    • ‘Inside, head and legroom is copious and you also get air conditioning for the cabin and the glovebox.’
    • ‘Odds and ends can be stored in a covered storage area near the base of the windshield, or placed in the glovebox.’
    • ‘Found a packet of sandwiches and a packet of caramels in the glovebox.’
  • 2A closed chamber into which a pair of gloves projects from openings in the side, used especially in laboratories and incubators in hospitals to prevent contamination.

    • ‘Samples containing DHA were prepared under dark conditions in a glovebox with an argon atmosphere to control for oxidation.’