Definition of glossitis in US English:



  • Inflammation of the tongue.

    • ‘A diet deficient in niacin (as well as tryptophan) leads to glossitis of the tongue, dermatitis, weight loss, diarrhea, depression and dementia.’
    • ‘She also had painful glossitis and angular stomatitis.’
    • ‘Among these lesions, angular stomatitis and glossitis were more prevalent than flattening of the fingernails.’
    • ‘The patient may experience glossitis, or cracking at the edges of the mouth, and he or she may lose hair or the luster of the hair may change.’
    • ‘This is a painful condition where lesions develop at the corners of your lips, and glossitis (inflammation of the tongue) can also occur.’


Early 19th century: from Greek glōssa ‘tongue’ + -itis.