Definition of glory hole in US English:

glory hole


  • 1informal An untidy storage place, especially a room or cupboard.

    • ‘He froze - waist wedged in the hole, his lower half still in Jeeson's glory hole, his top half in the empty cellar beside it.’
    • ‘Suitably baited with cheese I placed the trap in the "Glory Hole," a cupboard containing all the junk we refused to throw away, situated underneath the stairs.’
    • ‘But there might be something salvageable in the loft or in the glory hole under the stairs.’
    • ‘In reality, the glory-hole was what they called the basement-like room directly underneath the organ, where they kept the furnace that heated the church, and where all kinds of stuff was stored.’
    • ‘The delicatessen on Union Street is a glory hole of delicious deli fare, while the city's Victorian shopping arcade is one of the very few traditional arcades left in the country.’
  • 2A small furnace used to keep glass malleable so that it can be worked.

    • ‘It is possible to blow glass bigger than the glory hole size, but only if it is spun out to a platter or bowl after the last reheat.’
    • ‘My favourite term is the glory hole, a furnace you stick your punty into between gathers to keep the work sufficiently hot and soft.’
    • ‘There is nothing in the world like standing in front of a glory hole, balancing a pipe loaded with glass and feeling the heat.’
  • 3US informal A hole in a wall through which fellatio or masturbation is conducted incognito.


Early 19th century: of unknown origin.


glory hole

/ˈɡlôrē hōl/