Definition of gloriously in US English:



  • 1In a way that is worthy of fame or admiration; impressively.

    ‘he triumphed gloriously in bringing down the enemy’
    ‘gloriously restored locomotives’
    • ‘I felt a spiritual power I've never experienced in any intact and gloriously preserved historical place of worship.’
    • ‘Last year, the architects won the competition for the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, a building that opens gloriously onto the harbor.’
    • ‘He changed the fortune of the game by a gloriously timed intercept and a 50 metre run to the line.’
    • ‘We should celebrate taking informed risks, reward those who fail gloriously and accept that accidents do happen.’
    • ‘Let's hope, in other words, that I am utterly, gloriously, wrong.’
    • ‘He died gloriously, fighting for his country.’
    • ‘When it ended, the British empire did indeed appear to have been shattered, France was revenged, and her international prestige stood gloriously restored.’
    • ‘He succeeded him in the monarchy, and reigned gloriously for 20 years.’
    • ‘A brain injury precludes his appearances on the ice these days, but no matter, his mental faculties remain gloriously undimmed.’
    • ‘She is the oldest fighting ship afloat in the UK, gloriously restored by the craftsmen of Hartlepool.’
  • 2In a wonderful or enjoyable manner.

    ‘the sun shone gloriously all day’
    • ‘In spite of rain predictions, Saturday dawned gloriously cloudless above the skyscrapers.’
    • ‘As rugged and foggy that area of Newfoundland is, its true beauty came through as if it were a gloriously sunny day.’
    • ‘The whole place smells gloriously of slowly roasting beef.’
    • ‘The entire male cast moved well and sang gloriously.’
    • ‘Camping in the woods sounds gloriously refreshing!’
    • ‘He smiled a great deal these days; the hopeless romantic was at last wonderfully, gloriously, ecstatically in love.’
    • ‘It was a gloriously sunny Sunday morning.’
    • ‘They are a gloriously entertaining reminder that life can always be lived bigger and better.’
    • ‘There's something magical about morning glories, which do indeed bloom gloriously in the morning, then swirl closed as the day fades.’
    • ‘There is something gloriously romantic and ineffably affecting about seeing this kind of grand love put up on the screen with such high emotion and visual panache.’