Definition of globus pallidus in US English:

globus pallidus


  • The median part of the lentiform nucleus in the brain.

    • ‘One of its nuclei receives input from the globus pallidus and sends fibers to the motor cortex.’
    • ‘These three are separated from each other by the medial and lateral medullary laminae of the globus pallidus.’
    • ‘The globus pallidus is a wedge-shaped structure between the putamen and posterior limb of the internal capsule.’
    • ‘The reduction in the activity of complex I is found in the substantia nigra, but not in other areas of the brain, such as globus pallidus or cerebral cortex.’
    • ‘The brain, particularly the substantia nigra and the globus pallidus, contains high levels of iron.’
    • ‘These data also showed decreased volumes of the right globus pallidus, right anterior frontal region and cerebellum.’


Late 18th century: from Latin, ‘pale globus’.


globus pallidus

/ˈɡlōbəs ˈpalidəs/