Definition of globigerina in US English:


nounPlural globigerinas, Plural globigerinae

  • A planktonic marine protozoan with a calcareous shell. The shells collect as a deposit (globigerina ooze) over much of the ocean floor.

    Genus Globigerina, order Foraminiferida, kingdom Protista

    • ‘What follows is a wealth of research about the Indian Ocean, where the deep seabed is covered by a translucent slime called globigerina ooze, which can be as much as one thousand feet thick.’
    • ‘Briefly, there are four types of ooze: red clay, globigerina ooze, radiolarian ooze, and pteropod ooze.’
    • ‘Imagine a cart full of whitish mud, filled with the minutest shells, poured all wet and sticky and slimy onto some clean planks and you may have some faint idea of what globigerina mud is like.’
    • ‘Bottom sediment map showing beds of globigerina ooze and other sediment types.’
    • ‘Among the micro-organisms known as plankton, the bodies of globigerinae, planorbis, vortex, terebra, turitellae and trochida are all constructed on spirals.’


Modern Latin, from Latin globus ‘spherical object, globe’ (because of the globular chambers in its shell) + -ger ‘carrying’ + -ina.