Definition of globefish in English:



  • 1A pufferfish or a porcupine fish.

    • ‘A woman holds a rotund globefish behind the spherical head of an old man in his Fish Vendors.’
    • ‘The rare globefish depicted in the Passarotti series of four market scenes is thus not an anomaly within this group of ‘market’ scenes.’
  • 2An ocean sunfish.

    See sunfish (sense 1)
    • ‘Toxin of globefish, after extraction, can be used for treatment of neuralgia and spasm.’
    • ‘There were schools of bullseyes and other silver fish and some solitary globefishes.’
    • ‘A hungry mankind must have had a serious alternative when mushroom, globefishes or young green plums were in sight.’
    • ‘The family includes many familiar species which are variously called puffers, balloonfish, blowfish, bubblefish, globefish, swellfish, toadfish, and toadies.’
    • ‘Local Health Inspection officials have warned citizens to refrain from dining on globefish.’