Definition of globe-shaped in US English:



  • Spherical like a globe.

    ‘globe-shaped goldfish bowls’
    • ‘You can also buy torpedo-shaped onions, globe-shaped onions, and small egg-shaped onions which are often sold as pickling onions.’
    • ‘American mistletoe has smaller berries than its European counterpart, and grows in globe-shaped clusters among the branches of deciduous trees.’
    • ‘We see more lamps, pillars and red carpets, but another couple of features that are familiar to Somerton are globe-shaped light fittings and red couches.’
    • ‘The well-lit underpass was decorated with multi-coloured globe-shaped lights.’
    • ‘Eventually, there was movement on stage in the form of the lowering of five large globe-shaped balloons that had been suspended from the roof.’
    • ‘The small egg-shaped bulb gives rise to a long flower stalk upon which globe-shaped purple-red flowers are produced.’
    • ‘The production of smaller globe-shaped beetroot varieties led to beetroot's increasing importance as a summer salad crop.’
    • ‘The true autumn crocus has several named cultivars, such as Cassiope, with large, yellow-based blue globe shaped flowers.’
    • ‘The shrub is naturally globe-shaped, but light pruning after flowering is sometimes necessary to maintain shape.’
    • ‘A globe-shaped fish tank stood on a small plinth.’
    round, globular, ball-shaped, orb-shaped, orb-like, bulbous, bulb-shaped, balloon-like
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