Definition of globally in US English:



  • 1In a way that relates to the whole world.

    ‘firms that can compete globally’
    ‘the city is globally renowned for its artists’
    • ‘The nutrients are becoming an important ingredient in infant formula globally.’
    • ‘The paradox today is that the sense of a familiar rhetorical territory is now supplied globally by an international consumer culture.’
    • ‘Under the guise of socialism, it has become a source of cheap labor, with far-reaching implications for economies globally.’
    • ‘At the national level, our outreach also expands globally.’
    • ‘This is a myopic way of thinking, especially for companies who want to remain globally competitive.’
    • ‘Our agricultural industry is a highly diverse industry that operates in a globally competitive market.’
    • ‘They are not caught in the cheap food syndrome, the race to the bottom, the chase for the lowest cost of production globally.’
    • ‘She has achieved what must be one of the more astonishingly high degrees of popularity in dance globally.’
    • ‘Mosquitoes spread about four million malaria cases, causing about one million deaths globally each year.’
    • ‘Globally, transverse flutes are less common than end-blown or duct flutes.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that relates to the whole of something.
      ‘they do not often go into all the little fine detail; they look at it globally’
      • ‘We believed that concepts not included in most of the texts analyzed were not globally important enough to the area to be included in the core terminology.’
      • ‘The scan showed globally decreased radio-tracer uptake within the brain, consistent with prior radiation therapy.’
      • ‘You’ll receive a comprehensive treatment program that treats the condition globally rather than locally and is fully customized to your unique needs.’
      • ‘They did not differ globally with respect to these correlations, so Pearson's correlation coefficients were calculated for the entire sample as a single group.’
      • ‘She hopes to apply similar techniques to the brains of MS patients, and says we need to look more globally when employing such techniques to compare genetic material.’
      • ‘Selective mutism would manifest only in particular social situations rather than globally.’
      • ‘In one experiment, they encountered contingencies that were identical when the focal cause was considered globally.’
      • ‘There were plenty of those blaming and judgmental, globally hostile, potentially guilt-inducing "acc-you-sations."’
      • ‘He studied brain-injured patients and the manner in which the nervous system responded both in trauma and in reconstruction, globally rather than specifically.’
      • ‘I treat the horse globally rather than only focusing on its symptoms.’
    2. 1.2Computing In a way that operates or applies through the whole of a file, program, etc.
      ‘the processing can be applied globally to all digital output signals’
      • ‘It becomes imperative that machines have their clocks synchronized so that file time stamps are globally comparable.’
      • ‘There is access to data available globally through any Internet connection.’
      • ‘To globally remove this from a DOS file, I use one of two options.’
      • ‘This is a great advantage in homogeneous clusters, allowing firmware changes to be made and managed globally instead of one node at a time.’
      • ‘We have excellent EDI connections with them, globally, for sequence parts delivery and just-in-time delivery.’
      • ‘With its very large address space, it will guarantee a globally unique IP address for each device.’
      • ‘Is there an optimal way to organize treasury operations globally?’
      • ‘A globally accessible scratch area would be much easier on users.’
      • ‘Each competing project constantly brings its own improvements to the globally shared code base.’
      • ‘Who could dispute the value of a globally pattern-sensitive, cross-development architectural environment?’