Definition of global village in US English:

global village


  • The world considered as a single community linked by telecommunications.

    • ‘Being the global village that it is now, the world has become dynamic and people are now embracing multi-culturalism as a life-style.’
    • ‘He advocated that by promoting understanding we can facilitate harmony between our communities in a global village.’
    • ‘So much for the internet being a global village.’
    • ‘In the global village, exactly the same happens, but on a planetary scale.’
    • ‘That may well be the pressing question for religionists in what we have come to know as the global village, our pluralistic societies.’
    • ‘Especially in this time of crisis, we should start from the premise that there is a need for all members of our global village to work towards harmony, cohesion and a peaceful world.’
    • ‘Yet more people than ever are entering the much-vaunted global village because of consumption, not despite it.’
    • ‘Cheap computers put the global village in every home.’
    • ‘Wiring the global village with information technology, however, has been double-edged.’
    • ‘It's a shame, because if we want to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and join the global village as peers, we must be able to hold our heads high with our literacy skills.’
    • ‘Today the world has shrunk into a global village and human societies have instant communication with each other.’
    • ‘But in these days of the world being a global village, they are coming out and being neighbourly because of the changing social face of the planet.’
    • ‘The problem with the global village is all the global village idiots.’
    • ‘Now that most of us are wired up to the global village, we have instant access to what it is going on.’
    • ‘We might fancy ourselves to be a global village, tuned into lives remote from ours and, thanks to technology, able to leap vast distances and bridge cultural divides.’
    • ‘Whether we are looking at a micro community or the global village the concept translates.’
    • ‘Already the silicon revolution of this era of communication has shrunk the world to a global village.’
    • ‘The internet and e-mail have created a global village in a way no other technology could.’
    • ‘It is really good for the national image in the global village that discrimination in our society is going to disappear, though belatedly.’
    • ‘Still, that message can be a hard sell in an impatient global village.’


global village

/ˈɡloʊbəl ˈvɪlɪdʒ//ˈɡlōbəl ˈvilij/