Definition of global commons in US English:

global commons

plural noun

  • The earth's unowned natural resources, such as the oceans, the atmosphere, and space.

    ‘financial speculators and other abusers of our global commons’
    • ‘Environmental resources include global commons such as the atmosphere, regional air quality, and natural resources such as fisheries and grazing areas.’
    • ‘Yes, markets are spreading, transnational crime is a problem, terrorism is deeply troubling, and the problems of the global commons defy unilateral solution.’
    • ‘He devotes a chapter to the atmosphere, viewing pollution, especially greenhouse gases, as an incredibly horrible assault on the global commons.’
    • ‘It impacts on the global environment - the global commons, in effect - because under international law, every country has an equal right to the resources of the high seas.’
    • ‘This problem needs a multilateral global solution; it is a problem of the global commons on an epic scale.’
    • ‘Activists from more than 50 countries are pressing for a treaty that would establish the Earth's gene pool as a global commons.’
    • ‘Should those who benefit from this global commons contribute to its upkeep?’
    • ‘In sum, the environment issue can involve international conflict over scarce resources, such as water, as well as international cooperation to preserve the global commons, such as the ozone regime.’
    • ‘After all, immigrants aren't coming here from Mars; they're citizens of the global commons, just like us.’
    • ‘But, looking on the bright side, the new law of the sea has created a global commons on the seabed.’
    • ‘The best solution found so far is the creation of new international regimes which reward behavior that protects the global commons of atmosphere and oceans.’
    • ‘For example, global warming will not be stopped until there is an agreement for the management of the global commons of the atmosphere.’
    • ‘In other words, government must regulate the use of the global commons or provide the public goods for which there are free riders.’
    • ‘The position of those protesting was that water is a vital necessity, part of the global commons, and should never be bought or sold.’
    • ‘Environmentalists regard them as a setback to the goal of protecting ecosystems all over the world as well as the global commons.’
    • ‘They also seem to doubt the immediate need to address the issue of protecting the global commons of outer and cyberspace.’
    • ‘However, many countries escape environmental constraints in their own country by drawing on environmental capital either from other countries or from global commons.’
    • ‘The idea for global commons is merely a recognition and reinforcement of local community rights.’
    • ‘The consensus was that water was part of the global commons, and decisions concerning its use should be left in the hands of the people.’
    • ‘Are fresh water, clean air, and biodiversity part of a global commons - a fundamental human right?’