Definition of gloaming in English:



  • Twilight; dusk.

    • ‘The sweetest songs belong to lovers in the gloaming,’
    • ‘But these marines did see a black flag pop up all at once above a water tower about 100 yards away, then a second flag somewhere in the gloaming above a rooftop.’
    • ‘Small numbers of red deer are also here, especially in the gloaming, grazing high among the pines.’
    • ‘As it was, the darkness of night was beginning to give way to the gloaming before daylight.’
    • ‘It's the gloaming twilight of it, the soft seduction of lost hopes, the valiant wit, the heroic jig.’
    twilight, nightfall, sunset, sundown, evening, close of day
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Old English glōmung, from glōm twilight of Germanic origin; related to glow.