Definition of glister in US English:



[no object]literary
  • Sparkle; glitter.

    ‘the wedding ring caught the light, glistering brightly’
    • ‘When I look to your sumptuous brown eyes that are glistering from pleasure and shine from intelligence.’
    • ‘When he was finished, he pointed to a massive city with gigantic skyscrapers rising from its depths glistering with the rising sun behind it.’
    • ‘His bright whites were glistering in the dull train lights as he smiled at her.’
    • ‘Her lips were layered with glistering, crimson lipstick, her eyes covered with sparkling pink eye shadow.’
    • ‘Once this had been a forested and watered land with cool, blue, springs glistering in the caves, trickling out of the fissures, cutting ravines with their silver, gushing, flow.’
    shining, light, brilliant, vivid, blazing, dazzling, beaming, intense, glaring
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  • A sparkle.

    • ‘Sandy, on the other hand, was furiously tapping on Dianna's shoulder, a glister of fear visible in her baby blue eyes.’
    • ‘It covered her face and blocked the glister of her eyes.’
    • ‘What is demonstrated here is the dull mind of a brilliant intelligence, whose glean and glister is continually stifled, smothered by a perpetually renewed wrap-around of self-reference.’
    • ‘The second factor is that as housing loses its glister, investors will be encouraged to switch their savings back into the stock market.’
    • ‘Within the canvas, there is a makeshift altar, the flickering of candles illuminating the glister of an icon.’
    shine, lustre, gloss, sheen
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Late Middle English: probably from Middle Low German glistern or Middle Dutch glisteren.