Definition of glenohumeral in US English:



  • Relating to the shoulder joint.

    ‘elite tennis players were at risk of developing glenohumeral osteoarthritis’
    • ‘The largest joint - and the one most often affected by arthritis - is the glenohumeral joint.’
    • ‘Frequently, rotator cuff impingement is the source of the pain, but the underlying problem is the excessive glenohumeral translation.’
    • ‘The one abnormality that was detected was the range of movement of the glenohumeral joint is somewhat limited.’
    • ‘"The scapula is pinned between the bar and the bench, causing the humerus [upper arm bone] to grind into and overload the glenohumeral joint."’
    • ‘We strongly suggest caution against aggressive stretching of the anterior and inferior glenohumeral structures as this may result in increased anterior translation.’


Mid 19th century: from glenoid (see glenoid fossa) + humeral.