Definition of glazier's point in US English:

glazier's point


  • A small triangle of sheet metal, used to hold glass in a window frame until the putty dries.

    • ‘If you intend on reusing the glass, be careful removing the glazier's points - it's very tricky.’
    • ‘Press in new glazier's points every 10 ’, using the tip of the putty knife.’
    • ‘Use a putty knife to press glazier's points into the sash every 4 to 6 inches to hold the glass.’
    • ‘These are called glazier's points, and their job is to hold the glass in place - it's not the putty that does this.’
    • ‘In addition to the glass you will also need glazier's points and glazing compound to hold the glass in place.’
    • ‘Flat metal glazier's points are 20th century technology so they cannot be original to a 19th century mirror.’