Definition of glazier in US English:



  • A person whose profession is fitting glass into windows and doors.

    • ‘Later that afternoon, the insurers sent a glazier to replace the window and clean up the broken glass while we were partying - I wasn't going to let a petty theft spoil my fun!’
    • ‘The windows were repaired immediately, however, the glaziers were back again just 24 hours later.’
    • ‘Old wardrobes can be bought at second-hand stores and the mirrors cut to size by glaziers.’
    • ‘There were those who profited from the event, none more so than the tilers, bricklayers and glaziers whose wages trebled.’
    • ‘They are now also concerned that a £750,000 cut to the council house repairs service will lead to further job losses among glaziers, bricklayers and joiners employed by the City Council.’
    • ‘Skilled glaziers are removing the stained glass windows piece by piece so they can be cleaned and restored.’
    • ‘Soldiers told a handful of people on Saturday they would be recruiting 120 builders, plumbers, electricians, glaziers and interpreters and were shocked to find more than 200 people waiting.’
    • ‘It's important the stoneyard and glaziers are able to produce work that equals the existing mediaeval craftsmanship, and through the apprenticeship scheme they are ensuring that this expertise continues.’
    • ‘Masons came from France to build a stone church, completed in 675, and glaziers to provide window glass.’
    • ‘After all the puffing and panting they rang a glazier who took out the front window for £50 while they heaved it through into the living room and promptly collapsed on to it.’
    • ‘The firm employed approximately one hundred specialized workers including gilders, carpenters, upholsterers, repairmen, and glaziers.’
    • ‘After all, fixing the broken window creates employment for the glazier, who will then buy bread and benefit the baker, who will then buy shoes and benefit the cobbler, and so forth.’
    • ‘That's where my holidays were spent, playing in the drawing offices and with the masons and glaziers.’
    • ‘We see or can imagine the consequences of the broken window - more money for the glazier.’
    • ‘The columns were duly put in place, and carpenters and glaziers were called in to construct a canopy upon them.’
    • ‘This was done on Monday - the windows in the morning (the glazier did temporary repairs on Sunday to secure the property), and the locks were changed in the afternoon.’
    • ‘A glazier was just finishing off replacing the shattered window so at least I could see what I was doing.’
    • ‘But in the next 12 months alone, there is a need for almost 200 lime plasterers, around 140 wattle and daub craftspeople, over 100 glaziers and almost 60 cob builders and dry stone wallers.’
    • ‘I have been up on the Minster to see some of the stone masons and glaziers and to understand the complex problem of restoring the whole of the east face, which is a monumental project.’
    • ‘A Master Mason also had charge over carpenters, glaziers etc.’