Definition of glasswork in English:



  • 1The business or technique of cutting and installing glass for windows and doors; glazing.

  • 2The manufacture of glass and glassware.

    • ‘Another man speaks haltingly about his severe disability and loss, while at the same time he develops excellent craftsmanship in glasswork, something he had never accomplished before.’
    • ‘Crafts that will be taught include glasswork, upholstery and patchwork.’
    • ‘Ninety percent of the work featured in the Arts and Crafts Gallery, for instance, is crafted by local artists, with an emphasis on such media as glasswork, ceramics, woodworking and woven textiles.’
  • 3Ornaments and articles made of glass; glassware.

    • ‘The exhibition will include new works on paper through print and wood block, abstract sculptural wall pieces to functional ceramics, glasswork, iron works and clean contemporary textile works.’
    • ‘Check them out for interesting beads and glasswork, Indian dresses and fresh, hand-rolled incense.’
    • ‘This month shoppers will be able to buy a wide range of jewellery, handmade felt toys, paper, musical instruments, clothing, glasswork, beaded items and other traditional crafts.’
    • ‘The exhibition features sculpture, glasswork and painting and runs until Sunday.’
    • ‘The city is filled with paintings, sculpture, mosaics, glasswork, ironwork, and an awesome number of architectural sidles that can keep you gawking for days.’
    • ‘It contained the most beautiful vase I'd ever seen, a pattern of interweaving vines, and near the rim, two faces that peeped lovingly from the glasswork.’
    • ‘This exhibition consists solely of Sue's glasswork which encompasses mosaic animals and semi-abstract architecture with colour and movement being an integral feature.’
    • ‘The foyer of County Hall was choc-a-bloc with paintings, pottery, mosaics, decorated glasswork, knitwear and many, many other examples of what can be achieved with the proper guidance.’