Definition of glassed-in in US English:



  • (of a building or part of a building) covered or enclosed with glass.

    ‘the restaurant features a glassed-in patio’
    • ‘That's about 50 people, plus 30-odd interpreters sitting with headphones and microphones in glassed-in boxes around the sides of the room.’
    • ‘I had lunch today, in a little glassed-in concrete area above the public toilets in a little bay on the headland of which stands a statue of the Virgin Mary, just south of the old port of Biarritz.’
    • ‘As well, the pilot of each was enclosed in a glassed-in cockpit.’
    • ‘Eerie blue-lit stemware suspended above the adjoining, glassed-in bar, as if some enormous jellyfish had just swum into view.’
    • ‘Suites have semi-alfresco baths in glassed-in balconies that overlook the river, and oarsmen complain that the resulting flashes of flesh are ‘distracting’.’
    • ‘It had a glassed-in back porch which we called the ‘Ice Palace.’’
    • ‘They burst through a door at the end of the hallway into a glassed-in enclosure and collapsed next to the door.’
    • ‘We relived the Bond adventure in a glassed-in auditorium.’
    • ‘The glassed-in ice pilot's tower is the modern-day equivalent of a crow's nest, three vertical ladders above the bridge.’
    • ‘Phase 3 will include a new kitchen and a timber frame glassed-in cafeteria extending out of the north end of the building.’
    • ‘A long, vast glassed-in patio crowns the building and offers a 360-degree view of Paris and the gardens of the Val-de-Grâce.’
    • ‘Dancing happened everywhere, even overhead in a technician's glassed-in booth, often with a jittery intensity that turned the simplest movement phrases into gibberish.’
    • ‘The outer area has ‘rustic’ timber settings, while the inner one is more conventional restaurant style, set alongside the glassed-in butcher's shop.’
    • ‘I write this in a glassed-in cafe in the old city.’
    • ‘The restaurant recently doubled in size, including tasteful renovations like a long wooden bar, glassed-in wine cellar and burnt-orange and yellow walls.’
    • ‘It has a marvelous glassed-in central cloister, where breakfast is served in summer, and a swimming pool sheltering beneath the Saracen tower opposite.’
    • ‘There was a small, soft-plastic playground in the glassed-in room, including a slide, a little plastic tool-shed type set, and a little table with little chairs.’
    • ‘And when it's too cold to smoke outside you can visit the airport-style, glassed-in smoking section.’
    • ‘Key military personnel looked down on the big board from glassed-in offices.’
    • ‘The pictures show her lounging on our glassed-in balcony, which acts much like a greenhouse on hot days.’