Definition of glass fiber in US English:

glass fiber


  • 1A filament of glass.

    • ‘This is a more expensive battery type in which the positive active material is contained in a row of polyester or braided glass fibre tubes.’
    • ‘The modulator makes it possible to switch off and on a tiny laser beam and direct it into an ultrathin glass fiber.’
    • ‘Of an estimated 39 million miles of glass fibre laid in America only about five per cent of the cable is ‘lit’, that is equipped with the repeaters and terminal equipment needed to transmit information.’
    • ‘A few vase sponges in the Caribbean have tiny calcium spicules that have an effect similar to that of glass fibre if rubbed against the softer parts of the skin.’
    • ‘With the steady growth of cable TV, and these companies using glass fibre cables much closer to the end-user, the total length of fibre-optic cable now laid is much greater than this figure.’
    1. 1.1British A strong plastic, textile, or other material containing embedded glass filaments for reinforcement.
      • ‘Composite materials, Kevlar and glass fibre have been used extensively in the construction of the wing and tail leading and trailing edges, engine nacelles and the nose radome.’
      • ‘It consists of a double outer-layer of metallized polyester film with a double inner layer of reinforced glass fiber filament.’
      • ‘Made from 115 rings of tough resin laced with glass fibre it continues to give adequate roadholding characteristics, even when shot with a rifle.’
      • ‘The prisoners made weapons out of anything they could lay their hands on - sharpening pens, pieces of glass fibre stolen from the workshops, wood, plates and phone cards to make a sharp edge.’
      • ‘Nowadays it is possible to obtain facsimile reproductions of these downpipe (and other rainwater goods) profiles in reinforced glass fibre material.’
      • ‘Installations for the manufacture of glass including glass fibre with a melting capacity exceeding 20 tonnes per day’
      • ‘No ply, glass fibre or any other modern materials were employed.’
      • ‘The cockpit includes glass fibre and epoxy materials.’
      • ‘The program is focusing on a thermoforming process using glass fiber reinforced polyamide, PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) and polystyrene resins in order to reduce production cycle times.’
      • ‘The pylons were reconstructed according to historic as-built drawings but in glass fiber reinforced concrete, a new material resembling concrete but with greater tensile strength.’
      • ‘This is a completely integrated system using the high-temperature glass fiber material, tailor made muffler filling machinery and a cost effective filling process.’
      • ‘The door may be glass fibre, but it shuts with a reassuring clunk.’
      • ‘The most important boron compound commercially is sodium borate, used in the manufacture of borosilicate glass, glass fiber insulation, and textile glass fiber.’
      • ‘By volume the mix is approximately half glass fiber and half cement mortar.’
      • ‘Reinforcements for modified bitumen are generally glass fiber or polyester.’
      • ‘The handle is made of a ‘highly engineered plastic’ with 30 percent glass fiber and is checkered and grooved in the right places for a firm, safe grip.’
      • ‘The hulls are laminated inside and outside with fibre reinforced plastic composed of glass fibre and carbon laminates bound with vinyl ester and polyester resin.’
      • ‘Deng added that if the head sculpture is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the price is cheaper, ranging from 6,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan.’
      • ‘The AS 550 is of light construction based on a reinforced high strength glass fibre and aramid airframe.’
      • ‘The material contains both glass fiber and mineral reinforcements.’


glass fiber

/ˈɡlas ˌfībər/