Definition of glaringly in US English:



  • 1In a way that gives out or reflects a strong or dazzling light.

    as submodifier ‘glaringly bright colors’
    • ‘The entire room is done in bright white paint and hanging plants, and the entire effect is glaringly brilliant.’
    • ‘It was built in the 19th century with glaringly white coral stone walls.’
    • ‘The brazier of fire projected its rays through the tinted glass and so glaringly illumined the room.’
    • ‘Next to his face, my own complexion looks glaringly white.’
    • ‘We kept driving north, through a stark, glaringly bright landscape, arriving in a fishing village around 3 pm.’
    • ‘Teenagers streamed into the glaringly blue exhibit, partaking in the multiplayer goodness that the gaming giant always appears to pull out of nowhere.’
    • ‘They had just come out of darkness into a glaringly bright environment.’
    • ‘His work became highly individual, notable for its obscure and disturbing subject matter and glaringly bright colors.’
    • ‘It appears to be a glacial cropping with pools and waterfalls, glaringly white in contrast.’
    • ‘It requires lots of light, but if you like your parties glaringly bright, it's a hit.’
  • 2In a highly obvious or conspicuous manner.

    ‘the theft glaringly exposes the lack of security’
    as submodifier ‘the reason was glaringly obvious’
    • ‘The first thing that I was treated to was a glaringly long load time.’
    • ‘Most glaringly, they left out their climax track.’
    • ‘Anyone who has tried to explain a convoluted opera plot to another is glaringly aware of difficulties that may arise.’
    • ‘Listeners must first wade through a glaringly unfunny spoken-word opener.’
    • ‘Some of the flaws have to do with game balance issues, but there doesn't seem to be anything glaringly wrong.’
    • ‘Glaringly absent is a removable motherboard tray.’
    • ‘The process footage shots may show some wear and tear, but otherwise nothing comes off as glaringly bad.’
    • ‘The most organic sounds on the album are often the most formless, and the most glaringly synthetic sounds the most emotional.’
    • ‘This is an important example of a design decision that is glaringly different from typical wired LANs like Ethernet.’
    • ‘In the penultimate scene, his stunt double is glaringly apparent.’