Definition of glamorously in US English:



  • See glamorous

    • ‘Last week's mystery wedding picture showed a glamorously dressed couple in their middle years, who could well have been foreign.’
    • ‘In one glamorously posed shot, he's dressed in denim and a Stetson.’
    • ‘So elegant foie gras is offset by the spartan clarity of white asparagus one night, and more glamorously contrasted with piquant papaya, mango, and peppers the next.’
    • ‘She looked at him, her eyes sparkling with life in the dim light, her curled hair falling glamorously over her bare shoulders, and Alex thought to himself that he'd never seen her so beautiful.’
    • ‘Well, women are doing it this winter, only they're doing it glamorously.’
    • ‘The exhibit consists of a heavily grommeted rocket ship and glamorously adorned gravity boots.’
    • ‘He stood upon a glamorously designed rug in which bore a peculiar star-shaped symbol sewn in red, the rug itself was black; it appeared he was in a strange cave.’