Definition of glamorize in US English:


(British glamourise, glamorise) (also glamourize)


[with object]
  • Make (something) seem glamorous or desirable, especially spuriously so.

    ‘the lyrics glamorize drugs’
    • ‘Their romantic interplay is glamorized to its maximum expression.’
    • ‘Is the media, in fact, glamorizing the use of pot, or is this just a realistic portrayal that we're seeing?’
    • ‘Many of these websites openly promote drug use, others glamorize the drug culture and thereby implicitly promote use and experimentation.’
    • ‘He talks at length about uniting and leading the black community, then expounds and glamourizes violence in philosophy, style, attitude and music.’
    • ‘Well, the people who make a big deal about it have never seen it firsthand, it's still glamourized in their heads.’
    • ‘It didn't diminish or glamourize the subject at all.’
    • ‘Why not ban portrayals that glamorize disrespect to parents?’
    • ‘Endless films - I have to say particularly some American ones - seem to glamourize war.’
    • ‘This may seem to be glamourising the industry, but at least it would mean that the prostitutes, and there must be a lot of them up and down the country, would be safe and not exploited.’
    • ‘That's why we don't give out prescriptive drug information or glamorize its use.’
    • ‘I'm not glamourizing it or glorifying the lifestyle.’
    • ‘Some claim that the film glamourises drug abuse, but amidst the dark humour, there are some truly horrific moments.’
    • ‘We feel the onslaught of television shows that promote and glamorize this destructive lifestyle are irresponsible and lead young impressionable children to wrong conclusions.’
    • ‘All major automobile makers have played a part in glamourizing these vehicles.’
    • ‘Such is the power of the media to glamorize the supposed opportunities for individual advancement afforded by the new order that many are captivated by its promises.’
    • ‘In recent years, big-name celebrities have thrown their support behind Tibet, in a way glamourizing the cause.’
    • ‘I'm not glamourising it and I'm not saying what they did was acceptable, but the way they faced up to each other was almost a form of bravery - and decency.’
    • ‘He refrains from romanticizing or glamorizing his profession.’
    • ‘He's made a certain class of technologists into celebrities and has even glamorized technology itself.’
    ennoble, exalt, elevate, lift up, add dignity to, dignify, add lustre to, add distinction to, enhance, increase, augment, promote, boost
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