Definition of glairy in US English:



  • See glair

    • ‘It is indicated when there is a clear, glairy, stringy fluid vomited, the nausea aggravated by smell of food.’
    • ‘Soreness of back of mouth and throat; pain on swallowing or difficult swallowing; coating of glairy mucus on roof of mouth, tonsils and throat; some fever; swelling of affected parts.’
    • ‘Synovial membrane is composed of a form of connective tissue, and secretes a glairy fluid resembling the white of egg, named synovia.’
    • ‘We use for delicate ornamentation what was once the dwelling of a glairy animal, near relation to the oyster.’
    • ‘Vomiting of large masses of dark green bile and mucus; or of large quantities of watery glairy fluid, with watery diarrhoea.’