Definition of glad-hander in US English:



  • See glad-hand

    • ‘When principled limitations to the scope of government are absent, the necessities of government become mere side projects of vote hunting glad-handers and crony-bureaucrats.’
    • ‘Even early in his first term, there were those who considered him unbearably pious, prone to empty idealism and windy intellectual pronouncements - a spinner, a glad-hander.’
    • ‘I'm glad I got to see the obvious pleasure he took in pausing for a few words with his glad-handers, including the kids right behind me who pleaded with him for a photo opportunity.’
    • ‘Some maintain databases, some are good at selling new services to existing clients, while other are great glad-handers, who excel at securing new clients.’
    • ‘Among the spectators are agents and runners, autograph seekers and glad-handers.’