Definition of glaciology in US English:



  • The study of the internal dynamics and effects of glaciers.

    • ‘He worked for thirteen years on many projects in paleontology, systematics, and glaciology.’
    • ‘In our sparsely populated field of glaciology we have our share of individuals in each category, and he was one of the finest in the last group.’
    • ‘The first chapter focuses on Arctic geology, and the subjects of the remaining five deal with the natural processes affecting the Arctic: glaciology, permafrost, oceanography, upper atmosphere physics, and climate.’
    • ‘In addition, there are historical photos from expeditions pertaining to scientific studies of Arctic archaeology, glaciology, and geology.’
    • ‘During the expedition, which lasted more than three months, its members performed research work in glaciology, meteorology, geophysics, geology, geochemistry, mineralogy, hydrogeology, zoology, botany, and ecology.’
    • ‘A commitment was made to significantly expand research efforts in established fields, particularly studies of the aurora and ionosphere, weather patterns, cosmic rays, and glaciology.’
    • ‘Both institutions will collaborate on synthesis, and will welcome involvement from parties with expertise on geomorphology, ecology, and Dry Valleys glaciology.’
    • ‘The study states that measuring changes in the ice sheets are major challenges for modern glaciology.’
    • ‘He alternates chapters about all aspects of ‘the Ice’ - glaciology, ice-pack dynamics, ice shelves, etc. with chapters on exploration, literature, Antarctic science, and geopolitics.’
    • ‘No one should be surprised that Arabs are not prominent in glaciology or that few experts on camels are Scandinavian.’
    • ‘Research at and near McMurdo includes aeronomy and astrophysics, glaciology and glacial ecology, and ocean and climate systems.’


Late 19th century: from Latin glacies ‘ice’ + -logy.