Definition of glaciation in US English:



  • 1The process, condition, or result of being covered by glaciers or ice sheets.

    • ‘Are these sea-level changes caused by continental glaciation?’
    • ‘In Illinois, levels of diversity drop precipitously, most likely reflecting one or more genetic bottlenecks in areas that were once covered by the Wisconsin glaciation.’
    • ‘He concluded that discontinuity patterns resulted from ecological and geological barriers at high elevations, attributable mostly to the effects of glaciation and volcanism.’
    • ‘These hydrogeological conditions are controlled by relative land and sea level, erosion and deposition, the cold climate processes of permafrost and glaciation, and rock stress changes.’
    • ‘Geologically young, the Rockies exhibit faulting, glaciation, and volcanism, resulting in rugged, spectacularly scenic terrain.’
    1. 1.1 A glacial period.
      • ‘A popular view is that during the last glaciation a large ice sheet formed over the Tibetan plateau and that this ice sheet caused a similar split in jet-stream flow.’
      • ‘During periods of glaciations followed by periods of thaw it is thought that the river was flowing at such a speed it was able to carry gravel from the glaciers and ice fields to the north and west.’
      • ‘Similar deposits that accumulated during earlier glaciations occur at various levels in the geological column.’
      • ‘Their study by others led to the discovery of multiple glaciations, separated by interglacial periods.’
      • ‘‘Geologically, it would be about 10,000 years old, as the last glaciations meant that entire area was covered with glaciers,’ he said.’
      • ‘No polar glaciations are known during the Late Permian.’
      • ‘A final chapter reviews recent speculations on the causes of global glaciation.’
      • ‘Under these periods of glaciations, the seas would fall to levels about 400 feet below the present.’
      • ‘An alternative view on uplift and climate change proposes that the Quaternary glaciations in the Himalayas could have enhanced uplift.’
      • ‘We've had glaciations and we've had warmer periods, and vegetation would creep back as the glaciers were retreating.’
      • ‘The reason the large animals did not die out at the end of previous glaciations is because there were no previous glaciations.’
      • ‘Then came a warmer period between glaciations, and the stalactite grew.’
      • ‘For instance, during the Pleistocene glaciations, the high altitude areas were probably nearer to distinct kinds of open vegetation, while forests were retracting.’
      • ‘However, there have been at least four significant glacial episodes prior to the Pleistocene glaciations.’
      • ‘During Pleistocene times this resulted in a glacial climate and widespread continental glaciations in high latitudes.’
      • ‘The first extinction of the Precambrian, which largely affected stromatolites and acritarchs, has been correlated with a large glaciation event that occurred about 600 million years ago.’
      • ‘Silt and varved clay, probably deposited during the last stages of Pleistocene glaciation, cover the entire floor.’
      • ‘Minor glaciations may also have taken place in the earlier Ordovician early Silurian and late Devonian.’
      • ‘The Upper Palaeolithic occupies the second half of the last glaciation, ending 10,000 years ago.’