Definition of glabellar in US English:



  • See glabella

    • ‘My technique of superficial syringe liposculpture uses the finest cannulas to recontour the jaw line and inject fat into the naso-labial, malar and glabellar regions.’
    • ‘A recent large multicentre randomised controlled trial of botulinum toxin for glabellar lines showed a significant reduction in the lines compared with placebo.’
    • ‘The cranidium in the present specimen is partly exfoliated, but shows four pairs of larger tubercles on the median glabellar lobe, the anterior pair situated on the steep frontal slope.’
    • ‘He uses the alloplastic for rejuvenation of the naso-labial, mandibulolabial, lips, glabellar, and other facial areas.’
    • ‘That volume needs to take into account the harvesting technique, regional differences in fat survival (least in the perioral and glabellar areas), and be individualized to the patient's needs.’