Definition of give voice to in US English:

give voice to


  • 1Allow (a particular emotion or opinion) to be expressed.

    • ‘The campaign to amplify parent voices must focus on giving voice to each individual parent, not on enhancing the role of an allegedly representative group.’
    • ‘The assumption of many contemporaries and later historians has been that Aitken and other Chartist leaders gave voice to and expressed the will of ‘the people’ on these occasions.’
    • ‘Woods turns away from the camera in the attempt to hide his annoyance, Sutton's head low to his chest, DiMarco trying unsuccessfully to find a way of giving voice to the huge American crowd.’
    • ‘Should we start to close down the internet, that great forum of free expression which is continually giving voice to the sad, the lonely and the downright insane?’
    • ‘It's about making connections, having an awareness of one's heritage, and giving voice to different communities and their struggles against authority.’
    • ‘I thought of myself as being a means to give voice to the Native community.’
    • ‘The valuable role of civil society in giving voice to communities that governments cannot reach is also recognized, but its relationship with government and business is often characterized more by conflict than cooperation.’
    • ‘It helps us to express ourselves - give voice to what we feel, think, see, believe, hope and desire.’
    • ‘They give voice to a lot of voices that don't otherwise get heard.’
    • ‘The idea seems to be that if one doesn't actually give voice to opinions then it's perfectly possible for listeners or viewers to believe that one might not have them at all.’
    expression, utterance, verbalization, vocalization, airing
    express, give expression to, vocalize, give voice to, put in words, give utterance to, communicate, declare, state, set forth, bring into the open, make public, assert, divulge, reveal, proclaim, announce, raise, table, air, ventilate, vent, give vent to, pour out, mention, talk of, point out, go into
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    1. 1.1 Allow (a person or group) to express their emotions, opinion, or point of view.
      • ‘There is also an unwillingness to give voice to ideas, issues and personalities which may challenge the views which they espouse.’
      • ‘Using the rhetorical device of a letter addressed to a fictitious gentleman in the provinces, La Font gave voice to the following paradigmatic view of Boucher.’
      • ‘The novel also gives voice to alternative views - of relatives who chose to remain back in India, and those move or remain in Pakistan, yet wistful of what turns life could have taken.’
      • ‘We give voice to nurses and the American public on their view of the nursing shortage and its causes and effects;’
      • ‘It has been described as having a compelling narrative and vivid imagery, giving voice to alternative views.’
      • ‘They are giving voice to views they sincerely hold, which happen to coincide with their material interests.’
      • ‘This site gives voice to a progressive view of religion in America.’
      • ‘And few gave voice to radical views, whether on theology or politics.’
      • ‘He gave voice to this view in a major speech he gave last year.’
      • ‘Jime both legitimises and gives voice to dissenting views, alerting the reader that there may be a controversy behind a text, even though it has been accepted.’