Definition of give someone their due in US English:

give someone their due


  • Be fair to someone.

    ‘to give him his due, he was a generous employer’
    • ‘To give them their due, he had heard very little by way of complaint from either one, and he had been more than happy to give them their freedom tonight.’
    • ‘The paying jobs have shouldered their way to the head of the queue, and I'd best give them their due.’
    • ‘To give them their due, this government makes big claims about the environment.’
    • ‘Yet, with the onset of commercialisation in the field, practitioners of traditional medicine feel that they have not been given their due.’
    • ‘To give them their due, most are apologetic about it.’
    • ‘I can't say that I was cheering Liverpool on, but let's give them their due.’
    • ‘This work certainly gives them their due, providing much new and enlightening information in the process.’
    • ‘To give them their due, Busted's chart career was small, but perfectly formed, with eight hits in two years, every one of which made the Top 3.’
    • ‘Scientists have been working hard on this crucial problem, so we should give them their due.’
    • ‘It's very easy to imagine that lyrics have lost their power or that people aren't giving them their due, but that's certainly not the case.’