Definition of give someone the creeps in US English:

give someone the creeps


  • Induce a feeling of revulsion or fear in someone.

    • ‘If this news doesn't give you the creeps then you aren't thinking clearly.’
    • ‘She gets this look on her face that gives me the creeps, and I'm not the only one that feels that way.’
    • ‘The entire situation gave her the creeps, but she refused to become paralysed with fear.’
    • ‘It gives me the creeps sometimes to look through the files.’
    • ‘The sight of Chinese acupuncture, in particular, still gives me the creeps.’
    • ‘I can see why poker with friends might be pleasant, but solitary gambling in a commercial establishment gives me the creeps.’
    • ‘The thought of needles poking me all over the body really gives me the creeps.’
    • ‘Most people don't refrain from, say, marrying their siblings because it is illegal; they refrain because the very idea gives them the creeps.’
    • ‘It isn't easy to articulate a moral argument against cloning, beyond the fact that it gives me the creeps.’
    • ‘It gives me the creeps, just in time for Halloween.’
    scare, frighten, terrify, horrify, haunt
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