Definition of give someone the boot in US English:

give someone the boot


  • Dismiss someone from their job.

    • ‘Technically, they didn't give her the boot until she wrote a follow-up about requiring passports from ‘suspicious-looking swarthy males.’’
    • ‘She knows what she did was wrong and I have spoken to her about it but I am not giving her the boot from the band.’
    • ‘Despite her colleagues unanimously deciding to give her the boot, with nobody standing on her side, she kept her head held high.’
    • ‘Other members of the tribe gave him the boot because his physical prowess made him a threat to their own ambitions of scooping the £1m prize.’
    • ‘Swindon Council will investigate the complaints, and can take court action to give them the boot.’
    • ‘After giving half-hearted efforts for the NBA season so far to emphasize his point that he wanted out we finally gave him the boot.’
    • ‘The court heard that they gave him the boot because his amphetamine habit made him very unpleasant to work with.’
    • ‘Please practise what you preach or we will give you the boot!’
    • ‘She caught him fooling around and gave him the boot.’
    • ‘Plenty of less understanding women would give you the boot.’
    • ‘Unless his own party decides to give him the boot, credible alternatives don't exist.’
    dismiss, give someone their notice, throw out, get rid of, discharge
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