Definition of give someone the bird in US English:

give someone the bird


  • 1British Boo or jeer at someone.

    • ‘I have an aversion to sites which literally give you the bird on the front page, so I didn't linger.’
    • ‘A guy misses a match - for his own reasons no doubt, that is not a justification to give him the bird.’
    • ‘And while mobile phone tunes may already give you the bird, it could be worse, South suggests.’
  • 2North American Stick one's middle finger up at someone as a sign of contempt or anger.

    ‘he gave his bench the bird, saluted and left the game’
    • ‘I smiled to myself as I watched her start spluttering and yelling after the car and giving him the bird.’
    • ‘Ever since I graduated, in 1977, people have never tired of giving me the bird.’
    • ‘It is also because of the pheasant feathers on the arrows used with the longbow that the symbolic gesture is known as “giving the bird”.’
    • ‘Maybe when Ron Sims gets on a bus to promote yet another tax increase for transportation the driver can give him the bird in the spirit of political free speech.’
    • ‘Residents and shoppers in Rayleigh have been given the bird after council plans to try and deter pigeons from the town centre were abandoned.’