Definition of give someone his (or her) head in US English:

give someone his (or her) head


  • Allow someone complete freedom of action.

    • ‘‘If you are going to have a youth wing, you have to give them their head,’ one senior aide said.’
    • ‘For the opening sequence of this piece, he stands apart in a corner to give them their head, in swathes of darting, scything movement, bewitching articulation, surging bursts of speedy turns and airy flights.’
    • ‘However, when Bowman does give them their head, the dragons are both physically intimidating and stunningly effective.’
    • ‘You have to harness what is good in it and then take on board good key people and give them their head.’
    • ‘There will be cerebral excitement, particularly if youngsters like Rafael van der Vaart and Wesley Sneijder are given their head.’
    • ‘As you will hear, Wangenstein's policy of selecting the brightest and the best, giving them their head and supporting them, was critical to success.’
    • ‘Andy - he - you give - there are certain guys, you give them their head.’
    • ‘Wenger's identification of such targets shows the brilliance of his intelligence network and it is fair, too, to say that no one else is more likely to refine such talents and give them their head.’
    • ‘Our people see the same sort of potential in Braht Lahts as Drachensblut showed when we gave them their head.’