Definition of give someone away in US English:

give someone away

phrasal verb

  • 1Reveal the true identity of someone.

    ‘his strangely shaped feet gave him away’
    • ‘It was too dark for him to see his attacker, but her voice gave her away.’
    • ‘I saw Jude stride in through the front door. His walk gave him away immediately.’
    1. 1.1 Reveal information which incriminates someone.
      • ‘I smiled, hoping my expression wasn't giving me away.’
      • ‘Wilhelm looked down at his feet so his smile wouldn't give him away.’
      • ‘He has his poker face on, only the wriggling of his foot could give him away.’
      • ‘Adam's unconscious body language was giving him away even if his face wasn't.’
      • ‘I have been known to have a rather poor ability to hide my true feelings about situations because my facial gestures often give me away.’
      • ‘Her eyes gave her away, betrayed what she really felt.’
      • ‘I don't think there's any chance he'd want to take the risk of me giving him away.’
      • ‘For years to come he might still be chasing after Rebecca and Rachel to try and stop them from giving him away to the police.’
      • ‘Kaleb quickly checked for any incriminating things that might give him away.’
      • ‘A security tag embedded in the movie identified its origins and gave him away.’
      betray, inform on
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  • 2Hand over a bride ceremonially to her bridegroom as part of a wedding ceremony.

    • ‘She was too young and her mother was bed-ridden with arthritis, so the ceremony of giving her away as a bride was delayed.’
    • ‘Then her husband gave me away at my wedding to Tony, as my own father was too ill.’
    • ‘First of all he accompanied the blushing bride down the aisle to give her away and later that day called on his mam and dad to cut their wedding cake.’
    • ‘She will be cheered on by husband Christopher, who she married in February, and her mum Margaret, who gave her away on her wedding day.’
    • ‘Jane admits the man who gave her away at their wedding wasn't her father, but a paid actor.’
    • ‘The bride told her dad she wanted him to give her away on her big day.’
    • ‘It began as nothing more than the transfer of property from one man to another, a tradition that is nostalgically recalled when the father leads the bride down the aisle in order to give her away to the groom.’
    • ‘The mayor promised the firefighter's sister, Diane - who had also lost a grandfather and her father in the past year - that he would stand in for Michael and give her away at her wedding.’
    • ‘I want you to attend my wedding so that daddy can give me away.’
    • ‘Their visions of a big white wedding in the local parish church, with my father proudly giving me away and my mother wearing her fox fur over a powder blue crepe dress were now being blown sky high.’