Definition of give someone (the) evils in US English:

give someone (the) evils


  • Glare at someone.

    ‘a bus driver gave me evils when I paid with a note’
    • ‘I had my little sister Marianne in the car with me, so I said, "Stare at him as we drive past; give him the evils!"’
    • ‘Great pics too although they are definitely giving you the evils in that first one.’
    • ‘I gave them the evils until they got the message.’
    • ‘I still gave her the evils though, even when she boarded the train before ours.’
    • ‘His mum gave me the evils from her bedroom window.’
    • ‘Her little sister (adorable little six year old who keeps falling over and making me laugh) gave me the evils because I was taking her big sis away for the evening.’
    • ‘And my cat is giving me the evils …’
    • ‘I sat there and gave her the evils for a few minutes but she never looked up.’
    • ‘I gave them the evils so they knew I was angry.’
    • ‘She gave me the evils when I looked at her!’