Definition of give someone (or get) the bum's rush in US English:

give someone (or get) the bum's rush


  • 1Forcibly eject someone (or be forcibly ejected) from a place or gathering.

    • ‘Absolutely, no reason for all of us to get the bum's rush.’
    • ‘One of my colleagues tried to get an interview with Ian earlier this week but got the bum's rush: ‘Ian's too busy shooting Casualty.’’
    1. 1.1 Abruptly dismiss someone (or be abruptly dismissed) for a poor idea or performance.
      • ‘I agree that Crean got the bum's rush and he would have made a decent PM.’
      • ‘Are Wolfowitz and Co. going to give McKiernan the bum's rush, too?’
      • ‘It should come as no surprise that he got the bum's rush in short order for ‘loss of trust’, neither would it surprise anyone that the MoD went on paying him £1,000 a day for some time after his sacking.’
      • ‘New Zealand's iconic five cent coin with the tuatara looks to be getting the bum's rush!’
      • ‘Either way, it's the public who are getting the bum's rush.’
      • ‘But the six-month leave turned out to be a permanent sacking and Mrs. F. gave him the bum's rush.’
      • ‘No, instead, I wonder when Tubby will be given the bum's rush from the boards he sits on.’
      • ‘I'm wondering whether other conservatives agree that giving her the bum's rush for expressing her views on Michael Moore was over-the-top?’