Definition of give someone/something the nod in US English:

give someone/something the nod


  • 1Select or approve someone or something.

    ‘they banned one book but gave the other the nod’
    • ‘And we even hesitate after technologies have been given the nod.’
    • ‘So far, things are looking distinctly Brokeback Mountain coloured, after the film was given the nod by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the Golden Globes and the Producers Guild Of America.’
    • ‘Were the White House to give you the nod, what is the very first thing you would say?’
    • ‘If Glasgow is given the nod over Edinburgh, it makes it more likely that tourists from eastern Scotland will have to continue travelling through to the west of Scotland for many destinations and chartered flights.’
    • ‘Because of that experience, I give them the nod.’
    • ‘The bureaucrats in NZ were also giving the deal the nod.’
    • ‘A committee goes into details of the couple, financial, maturity and willingness level, before giving them the nod.’
    • ‘Already the commentators were talking them up as the better team and giving them the nod to advance to the next phase.’
    • ‘Residents in Heysham are furious that a blueprint for the watering hole was given the nod by Lancaster City Councillors despite more than 40 objections.’
    • ‘The Abbotstown racecourse project, which looked dead in the water when Dundalk was given the nod for Ireland's first all-weather track, is deliberately being kept alive by Horse Racing Ireland.’
    approve, agree to, sanction, ratify, endorse, say yes to, give one's approval to, rubber-stamp
    select, choose, pick, go for
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  • 2Give someone a signal.

    • ‘Mr Oxley said that £30,000 was already in the bank and the council had been given the nod that other funding was on the way to make up the rest of the costs.’
    • ‘Mel comes back, Mark gives me the nod, and a second later he's crashing to the floor.’
    • ‘I looked at Chaz, giving him the nod to order the drinks.’
    • ‘But then, about 20-30 minutes later (or however long it was - time really had no meaning to me by this stage), we were given the nod.’
    • ‘The orchestra leader looks around nervously, and the camera finally settles on Rick, who gives him the nod.’
    • ‘I'll give you the nod when we get our licence and location sorted out.’
    • ‘Seanie came back anyway, I gave him the nod, ‘we'd better be moving on!’’
    • ‘But until you are given the nod, there is nothing you can do.’
    • ‘Is our job done when the US gives us the nod, as usual?’
    • ‘When they give you the nod, then move the rod to the gimbal.’