Definition of give one's life for in US English:

give one's life for


  • Die for.

    • ‘She spoke out and gave her life for not only civil rights but human rights.’
    • ‘Perhaps one of the things war monuments and graves do is to make you reflect on whether you would have the mettle to give your life for what you felt was right.’
    • ‘And they know that I'm willing to take risks, and this is something that I would be willing to give my life for, because I believe in it.’
    • ‘There is nothing worth giving your life for, it's all about survival.’
    • ‘Altruism, support, self-sacrifice, of the kind that sprang up rather startlingly in the third stanza - ‘I give my life for that’ - are viewed with a prevailing cynicism.’
    • ‘That tenacity led to Steve giving his life for the public he was proud to serve.’
    • ‘I think you aren't wholly alive until you know what you would be willing to give your life for.’
    • ‘This ‘good’ guy, who is invariably a ‘superman’, can beat up a minimum of 20 to 30 baddies, and has a girl he will give his life for.’
    • ‘She was touched, and added yet another member to her brief list of people she loved and adored and would gladly give her life for.’
    • ‘I smile and think of the woman I love, the children that I would give my life for.’
    die, lay down one's life, sacrifice oneself
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