Definition of give it a rest in US English:

give it a rest


  • Used to ask someone to stop doing something or talking about something that the speaker finds irritating or tedious.

    • ‘I mean really, for goodness' sakes, give it a rest.’
    • ‘When there is so much else happening in the world, you would think they could give it a rest now and again.’
    • ‘We might have to ask him to give it a rest; remind him that it's St. Patrick's day and that people are trying to have a bit of fun!’
    • ‘‘Geez,’ Rob said to himself, snapping out of his trance, ‘I need to give it a rest before I get obsessed.’’
    • ‘For goodness sake, give it a rest and come down off your moralistic and judgmental perch.’
    • ‘You've already asked her to give it a rest, but try again.’
    • ‘But now can you please, please just give it a rest.’
    • ‘You'd think they'd give it a rest at the weekend.’
    • ‘I think it's best they take it off, give it a rest for a while.’
    • ‘For God's sake, William, will you give it a rest?’