Definition of girly in US English:


(also girlie)


  • 1derogatory Characteristic of or appropriate to a girl or young woman.

    ‘girly pink paper’
    ‘they liked skipping and picking flowers and doing very girly things’
    ‘don't get all girly and cute’
    • ‘I wasn't exactly what you'd call a girly girl, like Lucy was.’
    • ‘‘You really couldn't find a more girly girl,’ says her mother.’
    • ‘I am not a girly girl and am always up for a tomboy adventure’
    • ‘I have to take on board things such as the fact that Japanese women like pink and girlie, but the Americans are more sophisticated.’
    • ‘It is like reading a girly magazine on make-up and skincare!’
    womanly, womanlike, ladylike, girlish, female
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  • 2attributive Depicting or featuring nude or partially nude young women in erotic poses.

    ‘girlie magazines’
    • ‘‘Mr Jackson will freely admit that he does read girlie magazines from time to time,’ he said.’
    • ‘He's comfortable living a double life - playing the happily married man while obsessing in a dark room over girly magazines.’
    • ‘But they were soon in business, collecting names for their petition calling for girlie magazines to be banned from newsagents.’
    • ‘Perhaps he merely sneaks off to look at girlie magazines and drink with his friends.’
    • ‘On rare occasions a housemaster might have to confiscate copies of dubious girlie magazines emanating from Europe or South Africa.’


  • A girl or young woman (often used as a term of address)

    ‘what's your name, girlie?’
    • ‘I couldn't bear to share a bedroom with those girlies you know.’
    • ‘And for all you girlies out there who think you qualify as a geek, check out whether you really do or not here.’
    • ‘This is where most girlies are at a distinct disadvantage.’
    • ‘Surely the bored private school girlies of Canterbury wouldn't have had anything better to do?’
    • ‘I've invited some of my favorite girlies out to a fabulous jazz bar to help me celebrate, so tonight ought to be lots of fun.’
    young woman, young lady, miss
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