Definition of girl Friday in English:

girl Friday


  • A female helper, especially a junior office worker or a personal assistant to a business executive.

    • ‘It is, after all, a story of an artist struggling for recognition within the cultural establishment - a photographer working as girl Friday for a cold-hearted gallery owner.’
    • ‘When I come back I'll be looking for a girl Friday to sail around the world with me.’
    • ‘To them, she had been an insider girl Friday for powerful social conservatives.’
    subordinate, inferior, deputy, junior, assistant, adjutant, aide, minion, lackey, flunkey, menial, retainer, vassal, subject, serf, hireling, servant, henchman, myrmidon, right-hand man, right-hand woman, man friday, factotum, stooge
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1940s: on the pattern of man Friday.


girl Friday

/ˈˌɡərl ˈfrīˌdā//ˈˌɡərl ˈfraɪˌdeɪ/