Definition of girder in US English:



  • A large iron or steel beam or compound structure used for building bridges and the framework of large buildings.

    ‘the tower is made of steel girders criss-crossed to make it stronger’
    • ‘The structure currently consists of a 100-ft high framework of steel girders which towers over the town centre.’
    • ‘It appears to be solidly built, its thick iron girders criss-crossing the river.’
    • ‘Do a similar layout on the girder, so that you know exactly where each joist crosses the girder.’
    • ‘Four men were arrested at the scene following the discovery of the cigarettes, which were smuggled into the country in steel girders.’
    • ‘It depicts a construction worker hanging desperately from a steel girder on a building site.’
    • ‘To stiffen the shallow vault, curved steel girders brace the two sides.’
    • ‘These things have collapsed buildings by taking out the steel girders in the center.’
    • ‘The roof was reinforced with steel girders to help support the multi-ton tanks that sat above us.’
    • ‘These segments were supported by steel truss girders on falsework.’
    • ‘He delivered newspapers and worked at a steel firm, shaping girders for bridges for a little while.’
    • ‘Black construction workers tight-rope walked along the high steel girders of the airport building.’
    • ‘This was a stark, bleak space, with dirt on the floor, steel girders and barred-up windows and tubes of neon lights.’
    • ‘The fifth is a splashy fountain made from recycled steel girders.’
    • ‘The cable stays are anchored to the girder using a simple steel gusset plate welded directly to the top flange.’
    • ‘They walk steel girders high in the air unhampered by any fear of heights.’
    • ‘Steel girders have been used in its construction, which could allow for building of a second storey or mezzanine.’
    • ‘The pit is reinforced with a lattice of steel girders from top to bottom.’
    • ‘The building was an architectural first, using steel girders as the basis for construction.’
    • ‘And he suggested that lives were saved by new steel girders and a sprinkler system.’
    • ‘Some of the supporting steel girders buckled with the heat and the floor cracked.’
    joist, purlin, spar, support, strut, stay, brace, scantling, batten, transom, lintel, stringer, baulk, board, timber, plank, lath, rafter
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Early 17th century: from gird in the archaic sense ‘brace, strengthen’.