Definition of gird oneself for in US English:

gird oneself for

phrasal verb

  • Prepare oneself for (dangerous or difficult future actions).

    • ‘A local official said the country must gird itself for a ‘disaster scenario.’’
    • ‘Both teachers sigh and mentally gird themselves for the next battle.’
    • ‘There's no point in delaying it any longer, and Ian girds himself for her reaction by staring at her with a steel-like gaze.’
    • ‘With all the players on the political stage girding themselves up for the 2007 presidential elections, the race for the presidency has already begun.’
    • ‘The news will have surprised the company's lawyers, who only this week were girding themselves for the next round of litigation.’
    • ‘The students had girded themselves for the slopes in three distinct modes.’
    • ‘Do we really need them, or would we better off just girding ourselves for a huge fight and getting rid of them?’
    • ‘So, in this alternate history, just as in our real history, America once more girds itself for war.’
    • ‘So, in a sense, it is understandable that we gird ourselves for this sober second anniversary with a lingering sense of uncertainty.’
    • ‘He girds himself for an onslaught of late-night callers asking for analysis of the election results.’