Definition of ginglymus in US English:


nounPlural ginglymi

  • A hinge-like joint such as the elbow or knee, that allows movement in only one plane.

    • ‘Some people have very strong ginglymi.’
    • ‘Functionally, the temporomandibular joint is a ginglymus, where motion occurs in a rough hinge axis along a repeatable plane supported by strong lateral ligaments.’
    • ‘The most perfect forms of ginglymi are the elbow and ankle.’
    • ‘The knee-joint was formerly described as a ginglymus or hinge-joint, but is really of a much more complicated character.’
    • ‘At the junction on each side of trochantin and post-clypeus is a concave process for articulation with the ginglymus of the mandible.’


Late 16th century: modern Latin, from Greek ginglumos ‘hinge’.